Hi, I'm Maxwell Alexius!

Welcome To Svartalvheim


Passionated Front-End Developer which has both experience on working in the office and working as a contractor remotely.

Eagers to dedicate time to improve the programming skills, diving deep into JavaScript, learning from design patterns and from building the tools from scratch.

Appreciates the art of coding and values maintainability as an important role in developing projects and products.

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Career Experience

  • Freelance Front-End Engineer

    Jul. 2018 - Jun. 2019

    Environmental Management Consultant Technologies, Inc.

    VueJSNuxt FrameworkGovernment ProjectData VisualizationBrowser CompatibilitySSR
    • Negotiation skills developed while also understand the client's needs.
    • Worked on two government projects using VueJS and Nuxt framework
    • Both Front-End projects are built independently
    • Support IE > 11
  • Intern. Front-End & Data Visualization Engineer

    Nov. 2017 - Jan. 2019

    Umbo Computer Vision, Inc.

    ReactJSSVGHTML5 CanvasData VisualizationAnimationPresentationGo LangGraphQL
    • Built a data visualization tool for showing the images' ground-truth and metrices by using Radar charts
    • Helped maintain Front-end projects including the data visualization and data labelling platform
    • Visualizes the evaluation results of trained model using Line charts with Animation
    • Refactor and helped upgrade the model demo site for Sales & Marketing team
    • Held internal share about asynchronous programming in JavaScript including the ES6 Promise and ES7 Async-Await feature
    • Held internal share about GraphQL 101 and use Go Lang. to demonstrate GraphQL Go
  • Contractor. Fullstack Engineer

    Aug. 2017 - Oct. 2017

    5xRuby, Inc.

    RubyRuby on Rails
    • Use `tenant` gem to realize multitenancy in Ruby on Rails
    • Has experience working remotely
  • Intern. Ruby on Rails Developer

    Mar. 2017 - Jul. 2017

    5xRuby, Inc.

    RubyRuby on RailsReactJSHTML5 & CSS3Functional ProgrammingGo LangOpen Source ProjectPresentation
    • Learned basics of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails
    • Helped build the internal HR management system with Rails
    • Learned the basic concept of functional programming
    • Contributed an open source project, Goby Lang, which is another programming language compiled by Go but has a Ruby-like syntax with Go's concurrency feature
    • Attended SITCON Hong Kong 2017 as a speaker and talked about contributing open-source projects experience
  • Intern. Back-End Engineer

    Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2016

    Potentia Computer, Inc.

    PHPCodeIgniter 3ReactJS
    • Learned the MVC framework - PHP CodeIgniter 3
    • Helped build the system which manages the backend of the company product
    • Present ReactJS 101 for colleagues

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Public Speech Experiences

  • 跨越時間軸 - 創造美好使用者體驗 (Travel Through Timeline - Realizing Graceful User Experience)

    SITCON Taiwan, Taipei 2018

    Taipei, Taiwan


    March 10th, 2018

  • Welcome the Brand New Ruby-like Language - Goby

    SITCON Hong Kong 2017

    Hong Kong, China


    October 2nd, 2017